Smarter Money

Saiba platform is operatorless, bankless and bordeless. Join the world of smarter money and transact form wherever and whenever while still maintaining control over all aspects of your finances or business from one place

We have leveraged technology to fill in the little cracks left out by mobile money, credit cards and bank accounts. Join now and see how we can make your money smarter

Saiba - Smarter Money

Cashback Program

Our platform does not reply on agents to distribute our services. It is a self-service platform that anyone access.

For every purchase you make we give you part of the commissions and discounts we get. This means great saving since you spend less on your next purchase

Saiba - Cashback Program

Transactional Credit

Access credit when you need it right at the point of purchase. You can borrow the entire amount or just topup from your wallet. This is right from within the platform or across the ecosystem platform

The amount lent to you depends on your transactions value and frequncy. The more you buy the more credit you get

Saiba - Transactional Credit

Everywhere & Anywhere

Saiba can be accessed from our website, Android and (later iOS) apps.

Access Saiba from the apps you know and love. It can also be used from almost all social media apps as well whether you want to purchase, accept payment or sell products

Saiba - Everywhere and Anywhere
Safe and Security - icon

Safe & Security

Connect and follow the brands that you love to receive coupons, offers, vouchers and even your utility bills. Chat with cusomer care from right withi the app

Beautiful Dashboards - icon

Beautiful Dashboards

Send requests to your friends and family and request them to help with buying you airtime or data or even pay your bills. Do all this while still maintaining 100% control of your privacy

Powerful Analytics - icon

Powerful Analytics

Access all the contacts in your phonebook from within the app making it simple for you to send money or airtime to the right person quickly and accurately